Our Mission

Grow Smart Rhode Island provides statewide leadership for diverse public and private interests seeking sustainable and equitable economic growth. We promote such growth by advocating for compact development in revitalized urban, town, and village centers balanced with responsible stewardship of our region’s natural assets – farmland, forests, the coastline, and the Bay. We inform leaders, decision makers, and concerned citizens about the many benefits of compact development and asset stewardship and provide research and training on proven smart growth strategies. We convene broad coalitions that advocate policy reforms and specific projects designed to build communities where all people and businesses can thrive.

Our Vision for Rhode Island

If Grow Smart’s vision for Rhode Island is realized . . .

  • Valued, maintained, and invested in our diverse built and natural assets in order to strengthen our economy and provide all Rhode Islanders with the opportunity to live healthy and productive lives in a state with an outstanding urban/rural balance.
  • Revitalized our city, town, and village centers, incorporating historic rehabilitation and complementary new construction, walkable streets, parks, and recreational areas, to make these compact centers thriving places to live and visit, work and establish businesses.
  • Generated a broad range of attractive, healthy, and affordable housing choices that give all Rhode Islanders the chance to live close to where they work.
  • Conserved our natural resources, including farmlands, forests, and our incomparable Narragansett Bay, and strengthened farming, forestry and our marine industries.
  • Established an efficient and integrated transportation system that enables Rhode Islanders to get to jobs, schools, services, and recreational areas easily and affordably while reducing automobile dependence.

Rhode Islanders will have renewed pride in our beautiful state, renewed confidence in its future, and feel empowered to continue taking the bold action necessary to unleash its full potential.


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