Our Vision for Rhode Island

If Grow Smart’s vision for Rhode Island is realized . . .

We will have valued, maintained and invested in our state’s diverse built and natural assets – all within our 1,000 square miles of land – that offer both compact, walkable city and town centers and working farmlands and forested areas and by the incomparable resource that is Narragansett Bay. This will have strengthened our economy and provided all Rhode Islanders with the opportunity to live healthy and productive lives in a state with an outstanding urban/rural balance.

Revitalized city and town centers will provide most of the commercial buildings and infrastructure needed by both small and large businesses. Our urban and town centers’ historic architecture and well-maintained greenways, parks and recreational areas will make them desirable places to live and visit, and a broad range of attractive, healthy and affordable housing choices will enable Rhode Islanders to live close to where they work.

We will have established a transportation system that reduces automobile dependence, safeguards the environment and enables people to get to jobs, schools, services and recreational areas easily and affordably.

We will have conserved our natural resources and strengthened our resource-based economic sectors – farming, fishing, forestry.

Just as we have valued and taken full advantage of our land, we will have treasured Narragansett Bay for its recreational and commercial uses and its beauty. By placing a high priority on stewardship and on collaborative effort, we will have accommodated commercial shipping and the fishing industry while ensuring that the Bay and its shoreline continue to provide Rhode Island’s residents and visitors with a full range of recreational opportunities.