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House lawmakers meet on RI’s tanking economy

PROVIDENCE—State lawmakers are debating plans ranging from auto racing  to consolidating municipal services to steer Rhode Island through a bleak financial crisis.

The proposals were raised Thursday during a closed-door caucus of Democratic lawmakers convened by House Speaker William Murphy.

He has called it a first step to dealing with a failing economy that has driven unemployment to 13 percent and produced massive state budget deficits.

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One Response to House lawmakers meet on RI’s tanking economy

  1. Fred Dallinger November 6, 2009 at 3:40 pm #

    Scott, Your thoughtful comments were a welcome
    exception to the doom and gloom we so often hear!
    As a strong supporter of a return to a robust historic tax credit and strong supporter of all efforts in RI
    to develop a strong Green and sustainable economy
    we need more articles like yours and I hope the Politicians are listening.
    Great Credit to you and Smart Growth!
    F Dallinger
    Natural Tech Homes