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ProJo’s Neighborhood of the Week, Manville


Image from ProJo: This is a section of the Eagle Apartments between Spring and Summer Streets, former mill housing.

ProJo has selected Lincoln’s Manville as it’s Neighborhood of the Week.

This walkable neighborhood has a mix of single-family, condominium and apartment housing, set amid businesses, shops and public buildings.

The Blackstone River Bikeway runs along the eastern edge of the neighborhood, near the railroad tracks.

The village was established in 1812 and housing was developed for workers at the mills on the Blackstone River. Today the former Manville Company housing is the privately owned Eagle Apartments.

Since 2007 […] Lincoln Mills LLC, has been renovating the townhouses, which are now used as affordable rental housing, by installing new heating and air conditioning systems, kitchens and bathrooms, and placing new wrought iron fencing on the property.

“We’ve tried to bring it back to what it looked like when it started,” [co-owner Bob] Jensen said.

The Manville Worker Housing Historic District was created in 2009 and is part of the National Register of Historic Places.

Manville has exhibited the qualities we call smart growth today for nearly two centuries. People living close to jobs, stores, schools, houses of worship, and other community amenties. Read the full ProJo profile to learn more about how Manville is preserving it’s history and continuing to grow smart in the 21st century.

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