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Pawtucket issues RFP for multi-modal traffic circulation study

The City of Pawtucket has issued a Request for Proposals [.pdf] to study multi-modal traffic circulation in the city.

The Pawtucket Times [.pdf] has a story about the plan (See: City gets grant to study traffic).

The City of Pawtucket received an $80,000 “Planning Challenge” grant award from the Rhode Island Division of Planning. The city and the Pawtucket Foundation will provide a $20,000 matching contribution bringing the over- all project budget to $100,000.

“This study will give us a road map as to how we might re-work the downtown to encourage redevelopment and make it more user-friendly,” [Assistant Planner Barney] Heath stated. In addition to recommendations, the plan will also provide general cost estimates associated with major improvements.

A second goal of the project is to consider land use and zoning code modifications to the downtown district which incorporate the concepts of “smart growth,” “transit-oriented development” and “form-based” design principals.

According to the proposal, other anticipated outcomes include: better connections to downtown Pawtucket from surrounding neighborhoods by improved pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular access; a more walkable, safer and pedestrian-friendly experience in the downtown district; and the integration of transit-oriented development principles in downtown redevelopment decision making.

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