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Economic Recovery Expected to Influence Public Attitudes and Development Patterns

“They say you can’t make land, but we’re making it,” said Cleveland (OH) Planning Director Robert Brown at a Land and the Built Environment: The Reinvented City forum in San Diego. Brown told how deserted and irreparable homes were razed and parks and community gardens grew in their place, illustrating the breadth of urban challenges related to the market collapse and the projected bounce back into a new economy. Sponsored by the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and led by its Department of Planning and Urban Form Chair Armando Carbonell, the forum focused on the question, “Will we return to business as usual and will it be re-established, or are we entering something new?” The panelists – scholars and other national experts – agreed that the recovery will usher in new business patterns, including increasingly sustainable development, and the retrofit of “shrinking” cities.

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