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Sen. Reed others, introduce emergency transit funding bill

Jack Reed

Sen. Jack Reed, D-RI

Transportation For America reports that seven Senators, including Rhode Island’s Jack Reed, have introduced a bill in the Senate which would provide $2 billion in funding for struggling transit agencies.

[The bill will] authorize $2 billion for transit agencies nationwide to help close funding gaps in operating costs. Transit agencies can use these funds to reduce fare increases and restore services that were cut after January 2009 or to prevent future service cuts or fare increases through September 2011. Agencies that have not increased rates or cut services and do not plan to do so may use the funds for infrastructure improvements.

T4A points out that public transportation ridership levels are at a 50 year high, with use increasing at triple the rate of population growth.

It is not clear yet if RIPTA will be able to avoid proposed fare increases and service cuts if this legislation passes.

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