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10 ways cities and towns can kick the offshore-oil habit


Bioswale curb extension in Portland, OR. Photo (cc) gregraisman.

While we continue to get news about the disaster in the Gulf, Jonathan Hiskes at Grist outlines 10 steps cities and towns can take to reduce our dependence on offshore oil. It just so happens, that these steps not only reduce our need for oil, they make for more livable communities.

  1. Complete Streets
  2. Build near transit
  3. Let the market lead
  4. Demand density
  5. Cut parking
  6. Free parking for car sharers
  7. Bike corrals
  8. Be like Times Square
  9. Electronic bus schedules
  10. Fight the powers that be

Though the federal government dictates how much of our transit dollars are spent, these are steps that localities and states can take without waiting for federal action.

Visit Grist to see details on all these measures. Consider how these could be implemented here in Rhode Island.

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