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Connecticut Gubernatorial candidates vow to turn around cities

Connecticut Metro Rail

Photo (cc) Rich Moffitt

The Hartford Courant’s CapitolWatch Blog writes about Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont’s plan for Connecticut’s cities:

The plan calls for transforming urban education, improving local manufacturing, tying new development into transit, making the cities into transportation depots, reimbursing cities with increased state funding, establishing a gun registry to prevent criminals from obtaining firearms, and helping families by creating a state earned income tax credit for the first time in Connecticut history.

Not to be outdone, the other Democratic candidate, former Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy, released a statement about his championing of Connecticut’s cities:

The state needs to do more to support our cities and urban areas, and I’m glad to see Ned taking an interest in that discussion. But urban revitalization requires a much more comprehensive, holistic approach than what Ned suggested today. I should know; I spent 14 years turning a city around. Yes, job creation is a huge piece of what we did; almost 5,000 new jobs. But that wouldn’t have been possible without the other issues we focused on: we lowered crime by 63 percent, expanded access to health insurance, made pre-k available to all children, built thousands of units of affordable housing, improved transportation and mass transit, dramatically overhauled the city’s infrastructure, and made government smaller and more effective. That’s why Stamford has been recognized as one of the safest, best cities in the nation. I welcome Ned to this discussion, and I again urge him to have that discussion with me in cities and towns across the state.

The candidates in Connecticut seem to be falling over themselves trying to be the candidate that will fix the state’s cities, infrastructure, and improve it’s transportation system. We have a Governor’s race happening here in Rhode Island too…

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