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Pain at the pump got you down?

This post is republished from the Coalition for Transportation Choices (CTC). The CTC calls for a 21st century transportation system that enhances our economy and provides all Rhode Islanders with healthy transportation choices. Grow Smart RI is a member of the Coalition.

Then why not Dump the Pump and begin saving money?

More than 71% of you and your fellow Rhode Islanders live within ¼ mile of a RIPTA bus stop


The 7th annual National Dump the Pump Day is June 21. It’s a day to highlight that when gas prices are high, using public transportation is a great alternative to driving that will help you save money.

Did you know you can save nearly $10,000 by downsizing to one car? According to AAA, that’s the average cost to own and operate a car today.

At a time when our economy is still hurting and gas prices are continuing to skyrocket, people need to save money. That’s why the Legislature’s recent decision to kick the can down the road on transportation funding – a decision that will almost certainly lead to more service cuts — doesn’t make sense.

In April CTC brought you the story of How Doug Victor from Providence Retired his Car. Then last November, we provided information on Bus Riding 101, the best (and cheapest) ways to use RIPTA to get where you need to go. One of the best ways is to go to RIPTA’s website where you can use the RIPTA/Google Transit Trip Planner to get easy door-to-door directions, including the best bus routes to take.

Quick Facts:

  • More than 60% of riders use RIPTA to get to work or school.
  • More people are riding. Ridership has increased another 10% (the first 4 months of the year compared to last).
  • RIPTA operates:
    • 56 regular, express and commuter routes;
    • 3,300 daily trips; and
    • in 34 of RI’s 39 cities and towns.
  • Regular one-way fare = $2.

From urban to suburban to rural communities, public transportation is a vital resource for Rhode Islanders and a cornerstone for rebuilding a vibrant 21st century economy.

On June 21, Dump the Pump, save money and join the many Rhode Islanders who use mass transit to commute to and from work, to travel to school and the doctor’s office, to go shopping, and to visit with family and friends.

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