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RIPTA survey seeks to uncover what you want and what you need from your public transit system

This post is republished from the Coalition for Transportation Choices (CTC). The CTC calls for a 21st century transportation system that enhances our economy and provides all Rhode Islanders with healthy transportation choices. Grow Smart RI is a member of the Coalition.

RIPTA is asking Rhode Islanders what it can do to serve existing riders better and attract more customers.

They’ve already collected 10,000 surveys by talking to riders one-on-one on every route of the system at bus stops and during their rides.

RIPTA is looking for survey responses from both riders and non-riders. If you haven’t taken the survey already, you have until Friday, Oct. 12 to take it online by clicking the image below:

We hope you will encourage all members of your organization to follow this link to read about the project and participate in the brief survey.

The survey, or Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA), will help RIPTA identify its strengths and weaknesses, understand local travel needs, what type of services riders desire, and potential opportunities to create a better transit network.

Completion of this effort will help RIPTA to better understand:

  • Who are RIPTA’s current and potential customers?
  • Where do RIPTA riders wish to travel?
  • How is the RIPTA system performing today?
  • How can it improve?
  • Are there changes that can be made within the RIPTA current budget to better serve existing riders and attract new customers?

RIPTA is also conducting a detailed assessment of each of its 58 bus routes and 8 Flex routes to determine which services are working well, and where they might redirect resources to better serve public transit needs.

RIPTA riders can follow this link to review changes that have been suggested for each route, and to share ideas of their own. Routes are being posted as they are ready, so if you don’t see your route, keep checking, all will be up in the next few weeks.

RIPTA will use the results of the survey to make recommendations in early 2013. Potential improvements and actions may include:

  • Reducing the time it takes to travel between key locations.
  • Offering more frequent service on high ridership routes.
  • Improving travel connections.
  • Introducing new transit services to serve key locations.
  • Making services easy to use.

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