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Parking vs. Transit?

Grow Smart seeks realigned transportation priorities from State Government

Grow Smart has been pleased in recent years that the Chafee Administration has prioritized a number of policies to advance smart economic and community development that plays to our strengths. Reinstatement of the state Historic Tax Credit, expanded state funding for tourism promotion and replenished bond funding for investments in affordable housing development and farmland preservation are among them.

However, in recent weeks we have called upon the Administration to realign its transportation priorities by placing more emphasis on stabilizing and increasing funding for mass transit than on providing more parking around the State House.

We believe there are two logical places to start: 1.) Support responsible and sustainable approaches for investing in our effective and well-used mass transit system, and 2.) Follow the lead of many in the private sector by promoting and incentivizing smart-card transit passes for all state employees, particularly in lieu of expanded surface parking.

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