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Warwick Beacon: Smarth Growth honoring Avedisian for RIPTA leadership

Taking the helm of RIPTA’s board of directors as chairman in 2012, Mayor Avedisian has brought bold leadership and a clear vision for how mass transit can better work for Rhode Islanders and the local economy.

“We asked ourselves, ‘how can we make it better?’” he said, adding that RIPTA has an incredible impact on Rhode Islanders. “We knew we had to make it all work for the thousands of people we move each day.”

Under Mayor Avedisian’s leadership, RIPTA has implemented a number of improvements aimed at creating stronger communities that offer a range of transportation choices and better access to jobs.

“Thinking back, I would like to view it as a time of settling conflict and refocusing on what we needed to do in order to meet our mission at RIPTA,” said Avedisian in a statement. He praised RIPTA’s chief executive officer Ray Studley, the entire management team, and all union employees. “A big challenge for us was to calm everything down and restore people’s confidence in their bus system.”

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