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Making an online tax-deductible contribution to Grow Smart is easy and secure

Please consider the option to become a monthly sustainer.  You can schedule your gift to be automatically paid on a monthly basis.

Grow Smart Rhode Island is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community-based organization.

We advocate for policies and incentives that help to:

  • Revitalize our urban and town centers
  • Expand transportation choices
  • Support a robust agriculture and local food system

Hear why others like you are investing in Grow Smart’s vision for a stronger Rhode Island.


Late last year, Rhode Island voters approved the most significant set of investments in smart growth and community revitalization since Grow Smart’s founding.  And the Governor and General Assembly continued the momentum by enacting a number of smart economic development initiatives to strengthen our cities and towns and the state as a whole over the long-term.  Check out this year’s Legislative Wrap for more details.

Grow Smart needs your support to tackle these critical challenges—and we believe that our recent successes warrant your support.

Since our founding 17 years ago, we’ve demonstrated a special knack for bringing diverse groups together in broad coalitions to achieve significant policy reforms such as the State Historic Tax Credit program and expanded transit funding. We also help move RI forward by using our national smart growth connections to offer award winning training workshops on best practices in sustainable development and community revitalization.

If you share our conviction that Rhode Island’s best days can and should still be ahead, please help us achieve this vision with a tax deductible contribution.

Your support is vital to ensure that Rhode Island works better for everyone and thrives rather than simply survives.