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Ordinance Inventory

This inventory of Rhode Island municipal zoning ordinances provides examples of zoning  practices around the state, such as mixed use development and conservation development.  It also highlights useful tools for facilitating smart growth, such as the creation of redevelopment agencies and tax stabilization incentives. Additionally, it includes ordinances of interest to the agricultural community, such as required notifications to farmers, keeping of farm animals, licensing of farmstands, and municipal land trusts.

This database is intended as a useful resource for town managers, planners, local governments, developers and interested citizens alike by providing links to existing ordinances in Rhode Island municipalities.  However, we do not distinguish between the quality of different ordinances, rather, our database serves as an informational clearinghouse.  Therefore, we do not necessarily endorse the content and wording of every ordinance.

If you know of a correction or omission, please notify John Flaherty, Director of Research & Communications.