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Mixed Use

Mixed use development encourages efficient land use.   Mixed use development often leads to town centers that are pedestrian friendly and accessible via public transit.  By concentrating growth in centers in a manner that is accessible and suitable for a variety of industries, businesses, and homeowners, it spurs economic growth by attracting new businesses that create jobs, and provides housing opportunities for a range of income levels.

This database is intended as a useful resource for town managers, planners, local governments, developers and interested citizens alike by providing links to existing ordinances in Rhode Island municipalities.  However, we do not distinguish between the quality of different ordinances, rather, our database serves as an information clearinghouse.  Therefore, we do not necessarily endorse the content and wording of every ordinance.

If you know of a correction or omissions, please notify John Flaherty, Director of Research & Communications.

Municipality Mixed Use
Barrington Elderly Housing Districts in Business and Limited Manufacturing Districts, Chapter 185, Article XXI
Bristol Metacom Ave Overlay, Ch 28, Article IX, Division 1, Sec 28-285
Standards Relating to Metacom Mixed Use Ch 28, Article V, Section 155
Burrillville Development Management District Overlay Zone, Ch 30, Article VI, Sec 30-210
Village Planned Development, Ch 30, Article VI, Sec 209
Mixed-Use Buildings, Sec 30-159
Central Falls Mill Building Re-Use Development Overlay, Appendix A, Article XI, Sec 603
Charlestown Mixed Use Zoning Overlay District, Ch 218, Article VIII, Sec 47
Planned Development District, Ch 218, Article VIII, Sec 48
Traditional Village District, Ch 218, Article VIII, Sec 49
Coventry Village Commercial Zones, Article 16, Sec 1680 (page 84)
Land Development Projects Article 14 (page 171)
Mill Conversion District, Article 9, Sec 980 (page 131)
Cranston MPD Mixed Use Planned Districts, Title 17 Zoning, Chapter 17
Cumberland Mixed Use Special District, Appendix B, Article 9, Section 3
East Greenwich Planned Development and Mixed Use Development Overlay, Ch 260 Article VIII
East Providence Riverside Square Mixed Use/Downtown Overlay, Chapter 19, Article 4, Sec 359
Waterfront Special Development District, Article IX, Section 19
Exeter Mixed Use Commercial Development, Appendix A, Article IV, Sec 4.6
Foster Comprehensive Land Use Plan
Glocester Planned Districts, Ch 350, Article IV
Hopkinton Planned Unit Development, Ch 13.5, Article II
Johnston Planned Districts, Chapter 340, Article XV
Lincoln Mill Conversion Overlay District, Chapter 260, Article VII, Sec 49
Little Compton
Narragansett Port of Galilee Special District, Appendix A, Sec 4.2.8
New Shoreham Mixed Use Zone Article 3, Sec 309
Newport Waterfront Business District, Chap 17, Sec 56
Limited Business District, Sec 17-52
North Kingstown Planned Unit Development, Ch 21, Article XX
Compact Village Development
Compact Village Development Amendment
North Providence
North Smithfield link to pdf on Grow Smart website
Pawtucket Mill Building Reuse District, Chapter 410, Article VA
Portsmouth Planned Unit Development, Article VIII, Sec 3
Providence Westside Overlay District, Ch 27, Article V, Sec 506
Commercial Corridor Overlay District, Ch 27, Article V, Sec 507
Scituate Village Overlay Districts, Appendix A Zoning, Article IV, Sec 14
Smithfield Mixed-Use Requirements, Article 6, Sec 5, Page 97
Planned Development, Article 5, Section 7, Page 77
South Kingstown Route 1 Management District, Appendix A, Article 6, Section 605
Warren Waterfront District Overlay Development Plan Review, Pg 95
Warwick Planned Unit Development, Appendix A Zoning, Sec 309
West Greenwich Special Management District
West Warwick Village Design Control District, Sec 5.13
Westerly Mixed Residential and Commercial Use, 260-87.4
Planned Development Zoning District, 260-48
Historic Mill Overlay District, Sec 260-57
Woonsocket Appendix C, Section 9, Mixed Use