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Strategic Plan


Scott Wolf

To those who believe in Rhode Island and think it can do much better:

I’m a passionate and impatient Rhode Islander, a native who boomeranged back here after experiencing much of the rest of the country.

That’s why I’m honored to be part of the smart growth movement to revitalize our local city and town centers while protecting our natural assets, like Narragansett Bay and our 1,200 farms. Like you, I want to have the choice to live, work, and play in an outstanding community, one that is user-friendly and rich in opportunities for all.

While Rhode Island’s distinctive beauty and funky charm are undeniable, we all know there’s plenty of work to be done here to expand economic opportunity and community vibrancy. Fortunately, the possibility for achieving this progress is very real.

To move Rhode Island forward vigorously, Grow Smart RI is working relentlessly to strengthen our state’s economy and neighborhoods, along with our transportation and food systems. Our challenge, and our opportunity, is to systematically capitalize on the untapped strengths of all four to help Rhode Island become a high economic achiever that fully retains its soul and character.

We all have a choice. We can act now and work together to unleash Rhode Island’s economic potential, focusing on such undeniable assets as our world-renowned collection of historic buildings and neighborhoods, our strategically positioned ports and natural harbors, our superb urban/rural balance, and our easy access to magnificent natural resources and environmental treasures. Or we can endlessly obsess about our weaknesses, real and imagined, while opportunities for advancement pass us by. For Grow Smart RI, the choice is clear.

With the right collaboration, can-do spirit and thoughtful policy reforms, we believe that Rhode Island’s best days are still to come.

Never have the stakes been higher for Grow Smart RI to lead a march forward with a thorough, well vetted game plan—not just for the growth and sustainability of our organization, but for the prosperity and enhanced quality of life for all Rhode Islanders.

With enough supporters rowing in the same direction, this five-year strategic plan can ensure that our policy advocacy, training, and government watchdogging make a big and positive difference in Rhode Island’s future. We invite you to explore where we’re headed and how we plan to get there, and then to join us in our effort to make Rhode Island a more vibrant and opportunity rich state.

Together, we can leave the skeptics in the dust and elevate Rhode Island back to where it should be and needs to be.

To getting it done,
Scott Wolf
Executive Director