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Agriculture & Food Systems

Strengthen Rhode Island’s agricultural sector and food system

Desired results to be achieved in 5 years

  • Increase in amount of food produced locally and increase in local food as percentage of total food consumption in Rhode Island.
  • Passage/adoption of federal and state legislation and regulations that support farm and fisheries viability and will help to strengthen Rhode Island’s food system.
  • Municipal adoption of less restrictive local regulations pertaining to agriculture and ordinances and programs that support food processing, distribution, sale, and recycling.
  • Increase in permanently protected acres of working agricultural land and increased capacity within state to link beginning/expanding farmers with available land.
  • Expansion of urban agriculture and community gardening.
  • Decrease in the number of Rhode Islanders who lack access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food.
  • Local Agriculture and Seafood Act grants program receives multiyear funding from state and private funders.