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Revitalized Urban & Town Centers

Intensify state and municipal efforts to direct growth to revitalized urban and town centers

Desired results to be achieved in 5 years

  • Increased municipal capacity to advance urban and town center revitalization.
  • State and municipal adoption of incentives and regulatory reforms to encourage private investment in redevelopment and new
    development in urban, town, and village centers.
  • New state enterprise zone program stimulates job growth in urban and town centers.
  • Increase in volume of brownfields redevelopment.
  • Adoption and implementation of state housing plan that is closely integrated with urban, town, and village center planning, as well as transportation planning.
  • Municipalities revise local zoning to support diversified housing types and price options in urban and town centers to meet current and future demographic needs.
  • Rhode Island state policies and programs continue to support the principle that every community in Rhode Island needs low- and
    moderate-income housing and support creation of additional units.
  • State and municipal plans address the impacts of climate change on land use, including sea level rise and extreme weather conditions.