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Transportation for America: House leadership makes unprecedented assault on public transit

Photo by Mr. Ducke Important information from our partners at Transportation for America about the House leadership’s move to defund public transportation. A key House Committee is threatening to kill three decades of successful investments in mass transit – originally started under President Ronald Reagan – by ending the guarantee for dedicated funding for public […]

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RI Senate approves study of VMT

The state Senate on Tuesday approved the creation of a commission to study the possibility of instituting a Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) tax the Providence Journal reports. The measure, sponsored by Sen. Josh Miller (D-Cranston, Warwick) would institute a charge on each mile driven and would either replace or supplement the gas tax. Currently RIDOT […]

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Scott Wolf ProJo OpEd: Myth of a bloated R.I.

As part of Grow Smart RI’s ongoing effort to enhance the dialogue and decisions about Rhode Island’s future, Scott Wolf recently had the following op-ed published in the Providence Journal. Scott’s piece rebuts some unrealistically negative assertions about Rhode Island contained in an Ed Achorn February 9, 2010 column. Scott concludes that “To deal with […]

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